ACCEL Energy is a sustainability-focused energy company, which utilizes a synthesis of conventional systems and novel industrial processes to deliver increased carbon, waste and energy-efficiency in hydrocarbon extraction, refining and end-use.

We optimize proven industrial-scale technologies via embedded system, design & operational improvements, such as, the commercialization of environmentally-undesirable waste products, elimination, where possible, of facility air-shed emissions and delivery of clean, high-quality refined products to market – all while maintaining an unrelenting commitment to safety, reliability and operability.

Most importantly, our proprietary approach not only ensures freedom-to-operate, meets climate change-related environmental standards, and mitigates prevailing project & commercial risks, but also offers a long-term, stable upper-decile return profile.

Our current portfolio reflects a strong bias toward opportunities, which exemplify – without exception – our commitment to sustainability, commerciality, materiality and scalability – as our design & development imperatives.

Design & development imperatives that safeguard our enduring charge to accelerate your low-carbon future.

ACCEL Energy Limited
Livingston Place, South Tower
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 0B4

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